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SMC combines wide experience in the exploration and environmental sectors with skills in database management, project planning and the technical/financial management of large-scale projects.
Remote Sensing
Universal Satellite Mapping Consultants Pvt Ltd offers services in remote sensing,GIS,GPS Surveys, Data collection, Civil Surveys and image processing services.
Geographic Information Systems
Satellite & Air Photo Digitising.
We supply a full service for acquiring satellite imagery or aerial photography. We will interpret and analyse all required information and supply the data to you in your desired format.
Data Capture.
We offer our customers a high quality GIS compatible data capture service.
Better Information. Better Decisions.
Information is the lifeblood of any business activity A GIS is not just an automated decision making system. It is a tool to identify, query, analyse, and map data in support of the decision making process.
Map Database Generation.
We supply maps of several Countries in digital or paper format and expertise in map database generation
Digital Mapping.
We will digitise any mapping areas required and supply in all standard formats.
Petroleum & Geological Mapping.
We supply petroleum & geological mapping to many of the top companies in the industry. Our mapping services include:
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